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Elite Chiropractic tables can be fully customized to match all your needs.With all the custom options available on the Elite chiropractic table line, it can get confusing which option best meets your need. Our Superior Sales staff is available from 8 to 5 central time to help with any questions you have about Elite Chiropractic Tables, so please give us a call toll free at

800 463 1381

Chiropractors around the world, and thousands of students at chiropractic colleges have been practicing on Elite (formerly known as Electra) chiropractic tables for over 30 years! It's no wonder that the "Workhorse of the Industry" has earned a reputation for performance, durability and value.

Elite Chiropractic Tables start with the basic chiropractic table design. Then you choose the features and options you want on your Elite Chiropractic Table, and we custom finish it for you. Years of know-how, proven technology and quality materials result in workhorse performance that lives up to the unique demands of your practice.  

All Elite Chiropractic Tables are equipped with the following standard features, designed for your patients' comfort and safety:

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Elite Chiropractic Tables are manufactured in Canada. Because of this, curb to curb shipping for your Elite Chiropractic Table can be high. In most cases, we can ship your Elite Chiropractic Table with inside delivery for about the same price as shipping your Elite Chiropractic Table curb to curb.Most Elite Chiropractic Tables are very heavy. Shipping your Elite Chiropractic Table with inside delivery will save you the hassle of having to move and install your Elite Chiropractic Table inside your office. However, if your Elite Chiropractic Table needs to go the an upper floor in your office, there will be an extra charge to deliver the Elite Chiropractic Table inside.

Thank you for the fantastic tables. They are sturdy, reliable and great to work with. I have worked on a number of different tables through my career, however, these are by far the best. They have crisp drops, are wide enough so my clients feel sturdy on them, and are very comfortable to lay upon. I have had a number of clients compliment me on them, and I have recommended them to every chiropractor that I speak with. You make an excellent product and your service went above and beyond the call of duty. Thank you very much for everything Dr. Whitney Wihlidal Orillia, Ontario

Rating: [5 of 5 Stars!]